Welcome to Year 6 with...

Miss Forrester,

Mrs Jones, 

Mr Stanley

and the amazing Year 6s! 


Off we go again, time for some more home learning time! 

Green boxes = live lessons.
White boxes = suggestions to help children to structure their day and to complete all activities. These timings can be made flexible but I do suggest keeping to as much of a daily structure as possible to ensure a smooth transition back into school. 

Live lessons in maths are taught in 2 groups. Children, please check your Teams account to see whether you are Group 1 or 2. Friday live conferences are taught in small groups. Please check your Teams account for your conference group.
All other lessons are taught whole class

You will find all the relevant documents for your daily learning on Teams and email. 


What we will be learning about this half term... 

 Mental well-being

I know that this half term has been strange in many ways and it is very normal to be feeling a little bit strange yourself. 

Here's a link to an online quiz which will give you personalised tips for how to help your own well-being... Your Mind Plan | Every Mind Matters | One You (

The attached document is for parents to use with the children to help them to identify exactly how they are feeling.


 Autumn term... 


We have been working on our number and place value topic so far this term. We have been working with large numbers and using our mathematical skills to solve some increasingly difficult problems. 

One of our favourite lessons was working backwards to solve a problem, here are some of the children working collaboratively with their partners...  

As part of our Elf training, we made nets for boxes for presents. TippyToes the elf was most impressed with our work! 


 Art & Design and Technology gallery...



We have had a great term of Science learning. 

Our first topic in Autumn term 1 was about the Circulatory system. 

Here is some of our learning... 

We made our own blood out of orange juice (plasma), jelly (red blood cells), marsh mellows (white blood cells) and rice (platelets). Apparently, it was really delicious. 

We got to handle a real heart and then made our own clay replicas... 

We made an advert for 'The Circulatory System: The Movie!"... 

The children then produced lovely reports with our findings...