Year Four

Welcome to Year 4, Brown Bear Class!


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What's going on in year 4?

Autumn Term

This term we have been looking at the digestive system. The children have enjoyed making the digestive system using a pair of tights and moving the food through the system. We have also left eggshells (teeth) in different drinks to see how teeth can be damaged, we were shocked by the results!


We have been investigating our topic of the Anglo Saxons, including where they invaded, what jobs they had and the artefacts that have been left by them. We created some artwork involving weaving natural materials.


When the weather has been dry, we’ve been exploring our outside area, seeing what insects we could find and identifying different plants/trees.

We have been looking at Picasso’s Weeping Woman artwork and creating our own self-portraits in the same style. 



Autumn 2 

We have been very busy in year 4 learning about our new topic: The Vikings!

We have been using a variety of resources including the iPads and books to collect exciting facts and information to include in our non-chronological reports.



We have enjoyed playing our times tables games and are getting very good (and quick) at answering them!