Year One

Welcome to Year 1

Autumn Newsletter for Year 1

Hello and  welcome to Year 1,

The children have settled well into their new class allowing teaching and learning to begin immediately. 

Our action for Year 1 is to continue to make our hands strong and ready for writing to develop fine motor movement and dexterity, this helps our letter our formation and handwriting. With this in mind, it is important that our learning continues to be active and with hands on learning in the classroom and in our new Year 1 Learning Garden.

We continue to link sounds to letters in order to write independently, we remember  to use our robot hands and phoneme fingers when segmenting and blending words. It is also very important to keep on using the Jolly Phonics actions to help us to absorb and apply the phonemes, digraphs ( 2 letters 1 sound) and trigraphs ( 3 letters 1 sound) when we are reading and writing.

In  year 1 we have  used  the British Value of democracy to choose two members of the school council. The rule of law is  promoted through our daily routines and  activities such as tidy up time. We have a mutual respect for each other and celebrate our differences, we are always ready, respectful and safe !

Our Learning Powers help us to be resilient, reflective, resourceful and to take risks when we are learning!

Please check our webpage soon as we update information regularly .

Year 1 Staff

Class Teacher & EYFS & KS1 Leader - Mrs Griffn

Trainee Teacher- Miss Taylor

Higher Level Teaching Assistant -Mrs Lawrence 

EAL & SEND LSA- Miss Horton 

Some useful websites 

you tube-Jolly phonics songs phase 2,3,4